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Adventures in the Big Wide World

September 04, 2019 2 min read

Adventures in the Big Wide World

Adventures in the Big Wide World

Hey there, pawty puppies! It’s been a while since my last entry and so much has happened!

For the last month or so, my hoomans have been doing something to me they call “socializing”. That’s a pretty big word for a little puppy like me, but best I can tell, it involves taking me away from home so that I can poop and pee in new and exciting places!

I’ve loved most of the spots I’ve traveled to, but a few were super confusing. The “playgrowl-nd” wasn’t at all what I was expecting! I was ready for an angry puppy free-for-all, but it was a wide-open field, teeming with pooportunities! Trees and poles as far as the eye could see. You could lift your leg for days and still not wet it all down! Plus tons of other dogs to show off my handmade dog accessories. The Boss (Mummy’s preferred name) gets them for me, and they’re pretty amazing.

The “beech” was exciting, too. I can’t think of anywhere else you can go to smell like dirt, dead fish, and hot salt, all at the same time. My brain was buzzing with the smell of all the other dogs that had been there before.

I noticed a lot of the hoomans, including my hooman brother and sister, were digging around in the ground they call “sand”. I had to laugh because it was clear they had no idea just how much poop was buried below the surface. It’s probably better that they didn’t.


Oh! And get this. Have you heard of puppy school? It’s a place where they’ll give you doggy treats for doing all the stuff you already do. I satt on my bum...I got a treat. I rolled on the ground and they gave me a treat. I wiped the scent from my paw onto one of the hooman’s paws...and I got more treats!

They seemed to think they were training me, which made me laugh again. I was training them! By the end I could make them give me a treat anytime I wanted just by putting on a little show. Hoomans are great friends, but they’re a little dim.

No matter where I go, the hoomans always seem happy to see me. They go on and on about how adorable I am. And, I mean, I am pretty cute, but come on! Try and keep it in your pants for once!

And keep your hands to yourself. Why do they think they can just come over and touch me whenever they want? All I want to do is sniff their butts, but you don’t see me doing that unbidden. Accept when I do, of course...which is all the time.

I guess my bow tie collar and matching dog harness make me pretty irresistible. Especially now that I’ve outgrown my extra small collars and moved up to small. Good thing the Boss has plenty lying around. Now there’s even more of me to love!

Anyway, I hope to meet some of you the next time I head out into the world. You’ll know me by my bow ties and my other handmade dog accessories. They’ll blow your canine minds!