How to throw an amazing birthday party for your dog!

August 21, 2019 3 min read

How to throw an amazing birthday party for your dog!

How to throw an amazing birthday party for your dog! 


Our dogs are a part of our family which means why don’t you throw them a birthday party as well. So what do you need in order to create a great birthday party experience for your pup?

There are a few things that help make a puppy party great including picking a great location and finding some yummy food. One important part is to make sure your dog looks it’s best by picking a stylish outfit like some Dharf dog accessories or even give them as a gift.


4 things to plan a pawfect puppy party

Location Location Location

The first thing you need to do is find a great location. If you have room in your home and don’t mind having a group of rowdy pups running around this would be the easiest location to choose. 

If you don’t have room at home then it would probably be best to find a local dog park, or even better a dog beach where the pups can swim. Having the party at a location like a park is perfect as the dogs can run around and play. 

A park comes with some extra effort on your part as you have to take any decorations or food with you. On the plus side with all the running around the pups will do they will be exhausted and just want to sleep when you get home.

Look your best

You could make the party themed which would mean that all you would need to do is find an outfit or costume that fits the theme. If you don’t want to go with a themed party that doesn’t mean you just give up on your pup looking their best for their big day.

You need to find the perfect (or pawfect) outfit to make sure your pup looks it’s best for their party. A super perfect choice is a Dharf dog bow tie collar as who doesn’t love a dog in a bow tie. Add in some other Dharf dog accessories will finish off the outfit!  

The final touch to making sure your dog look its best it a groom and wash before their big day.

Feeding the beasts

Everyone's favourite part of any party is the party food, this goes for dogs as well. There are so many options these days for healthy but fun party food for dogs from cakes to cookies and ice cream as well. Get a selection of your dogs favourite treats for them to share with their furfriends.

Don’t forget the humans also, finger food or snacks are usually the best choice as most of the pup parents will be busy watching their pups play but having some options will make it a great day.

Pick the perfect gift

There is nothing more fun than watching your dog enjoy a new toy or treats or strutting its stuff in some new Dharf dog accessories. Picking a perfect gift for your pup is a key ingredient to your dogs birthday celebrations. Speaking of gifts does your dog have a Dharf dog bow tie yet? Hint, hint.

Organising a small gift bag for the pups coming to the party is a nice way to show your appreciation for them joining you to celebrate your do.

Well that’s about it, those are the elements to make a pawsome puppy party for your pooch. There is only one thing left to do...enjoy it! Oh and don’t forget to take lots of photos!