Cat Harness & Leash Set

cat-harness-leash-set-collection-bannerThis cool cat is taking charge, no longer are walks and parks only a thing for our doggie friends, it’s time for a new breed of cat to take the leash - the outdoor explorers. Put your boots on, we’re going for an outside adventure.More →

No compromising style for comfort or comfort for style. This is the real thing: An actual harness with leash made by real cat owners for real cat lovers that love to look good and feel good. The detachable bow tie guarantees your cat will be ready for all occasions. The bamboo fiber lining guarantees your cat's ultimate comfort. The vibrant colours of the 100% quality cotton guarantees you will turn heads in the street. Lockable buckle. Heady duty metal D-ring. Fully adjustable. Handmade in Australia. Oh, and don’t worry if your furry friend’s had too much fun, or joined the boys in the mud - we’re completely machine washable.