Smart Casual Cat Shirt Collars

Calling all the pretty kitties! News just in at Dharf Australia is buzz word "Smart Casual" in a Cat Shirt Collar! Yes, we know. We can hardly believe it either. We're very excited to share our dreamy mint green "Recollection" Shirt Collar not to mention our chic and stylish, but not too ostentatious "Floral Show Stopper" Shirt Collar! Our tireless team here in Dharf Australia has been working hard to bring you our new line of "Smart Casual" - Cat Shirt Collars to satisfy even the most astute cat owners. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the vintage, but not too serious folds of our "Polka Crave" Cat Shirt Collar is just to die for! With numbers like the gender neutral, mellow and relaxed style of our "Non Discriminatory" Shirt Collar or the sharp but smooth "Red Check" Shirt Collar you'll be doing cartwheels at the exquisite quality and style of our newly launched "Cat Shirt Collars". Now your cat can nail "Smart Casual"..... That's the buzz!