Blue Polka Cat Shirt Collar Set

You own polka shoes. Polka undies. Polka umbrellas. Polka notepads. Polka shirts. There is something elegant yet fun about these circles that are perfectly equidistantly and diagonally lined up. No wonder it’s Dharf number one selling fabric and and all time fashion hit! You simply can't get wrong with this best seller. You see, we know a thing or two about cat collars and this one is a safe bet. Guaranteed to get head turned, more compliments than ever from visitors, and the sudden envy to purchase the red polka bow.

Shirt Collar is removable ( so yes, you can use it as a regular cat collar too :). 100 % Cotton. Soft yet strong webbing. Quick release buckle for the cat's safety. Comes with a bell. Machine washable. Australian made.

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