Our Story

The Dharf story begins with a simple needle and thread: adjusting hemlines and waistlines, attaching buttons and ribbon. As a gawky teenager, Isabelle learned by readjusting outfits to fit her awkward growing frame and developed a love of creating beautiful clothes with interesting fabrics. As she became more adventurous, Isabelle explored ideas and repurposed scrap fabric left over from her own outfits to design clothes for her dog. Isabelle didn’t know it yet but, this experimentation would become the inspiration for a unique and innovative business.

After working full time as a marketing professional while creating accessories for dogs to sell at craft markets on the side, Isabelle made the courageous decision to quit her job and embark on her own journey by launching Dharf. With her loyal poodle by her side, she conquered milestones and officially became an online retailer in 2012.

Launching the e-boutique quickly spread the word around the dog lover community of a unique Australian designer for pets. This introduced a world of unique opportunities for DHARF including designing dog wedding attire for Miss Universe runner-up and tv presenter, Racheal Finch. The following year demand had soared, and it became very clear that the one woman, one dog team needed a little backup.

With growing sales and production teams, and a growing family, the Dharf team launched new products, attended bigger events, expanded to new countries and innovated new ways to deliver our products to pet owners. Today, Dharf continuing to help owners celebrate their pets throughout Australia and beyond.


We now have a team of dedicated dog and cat lovers who are equally passionate about providing high-quality innovative products to our customers and their pets. As a team, we strive to provide outstanding customer service and to share our passion for animals with all of our amazing customers who, support and believe in what we do.’

- Isabelle Genest