Manufacturing Quality

There’s nothing wrong with staying close, staying local, staying Australian. We are involved in it all right here in Sydney - every part of the process from sourcing to retailing !

Every new Dharf product comes to life because we aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We want to try new things with new people and new pets. This defiance is our starting point. Everything else is left to good judgement – and a great manufacturing team.

Our design team (often in lalaland) comes up with crazy ideas, then travel the world to source the best components and fabrics to make their dream product happen. We then create a few samples. Once ready, our Model in Chief ( Luigi) grabs them, tries one on and distributes the rest to his furry friends.  We then adjust and tweak the product according to feedback until it’s perfect ( in other words until we get the tail wagging approval of Luigi and co).  We then pass it over to our super-dedicated sewing team who manufactures and ensures that every single product meets our overly high standards for quality. When we’ve got them ready, our logistic and marketing crew puts it online for you guys to grab, it is then pick, pack and post :) 

We LOVE every single part of it, that’s our fuel !