Our Management Team

Luigi/ Supervisor and Model

Luigi has been by Isabelle’s side since day one. Adopted at 6 months old, Luigi’s heritage is a bit of a mystery: he’s a mini-poodle cross but that’s as much as we know. He was adopted by Isabelle and has been the greatest source of inspiration. He’s provided unconditional love and encouragement throughout the creation of Dharf and has helped Isabelle overcome the kerfuffle of an entrepreneur’s rough beginning. Luigi loves peanut butter and pulls the funniest faces while trying to lick every last bit from his woolly whiskers. He also loves chicken necks and cheese. He loves swimming at the beach (but hates having a bath) and addicted to squeaky toys. He gets so excited when he goes to the dog park that he leaves a little puddle on the floor, but innocently wags his tail.

About Isabelle/ 
Founder and Designer

Isabelle is the French Canadian designer, entrepreneur and founder of Dharf. During the early days of Dharf development Isabelle balanced creative side-projects with her full time marketing job. Making, gluing, drawing, painting, decorating, baking, styling, sewing and colouring had always been her ‘thing’ but regretted never dedicating enough time to it. But in 2012, Isabelle decided it was time to embrace her creative side, taking the plunge to leave her marketing position and embark on the Dharf adventure.

About Francois /Managing Director

Francois Profile Photo

With a background in international management and experience in running his own business, Francois keeps the gears of Dharf running smoothly. He is a people person as much as a dog person, committed to providing genuine customer service and superior business management while having a good laugh too. Francois is also a yoga instructor, gaining his accreditation in India and enjoys riding his push bike before sunrise.

About Charles/ General Manager Sales

Charles grew up in Canada, but made the move to Australia to study on the Gold Coast. He’s grown up with dogs, and loves the thought of owning dogs again when he isn’t traveling as frequently. When he’s in Sydney, he often borrows Luigi for company and have become great mates over the years. With a history in product management for well-known sports brands. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Charles jumped at the opportunity to work with the creative team to help bring Dharf into the limelight.