Dog Bow-tie Harness & Leash : Jeans

The French gave us baguettes, jeans and the sinfully tasty butter crepe with chocolate sauce. All good things.  They do things in unique and delightful ways.  This dog harness inspired by the French city of Nimes, the birthplace of denim, is particularly charming and ready to catch eyes.  So French. So you. So your dog.  

Dog Bow-tie Harness -  Jeans


Model in photo:  Mini Poodle Mix ( 11 kg / 24lbs) wears medium.

Model in video: Cavoodle (10kg / 22lbs) wears medium. 

What's so special about this harness? Detachable bow-tie. Made with  jean 100% cotton and bamboo fiber for ultimate comfort. Lockable buckle. Heady duty metal D-ring. Adjustable. Handmade in Australia.

The leash? All Dharf dog leash are 120 cm long. The small harness comes with a 16 mm wide leash. The medium and the large harness comes with a 20 mm wide leash. Swivel and double jaw hook. Chrome plated.   Handle has lockable buckle for easy loop around poles, adjustable length from 85cm to 140cm (33"-55").
Dirty? Machine washable. Lay flat to dry.

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