Dog Collar, Bow tie and Leash Set : Black Pin Stripe

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There is something honest about a lingering glance.  

One second, you're sipping wine debating the merits of a businessman being president in a civilized world, and the next your mind and body are reacting without restraint. The action itself is not complex, although it does lead to real connection. For example.... 
The black pinstripe dog collar with matching bow tie is absorbed through the eyes. Rods and cones fire. Irises focus. Eye muscles squint and focus. Brain synapses swirl as they try to comprehend. 
The act is the same in boys, girls, men, women, and dogs. Though boys and girls are the easiest to detect. Wide smiles. Wide eyes. A true sense of joy.  
It's satisfying picking up on these glances. But the true joy is being the one responsible for them. 

Model: is wearing small. Mix mini poodle breed 10 kg (22lbs)

Features: Handmade with thick 100% cotton. Velcro enables you to easily attach or remove the bow tie. Lockable buckle. Leash made with 100% cotton backed with strong webbing, Heavy duty metal snap hook, Handle has a lockable buckle for an easy loop around poles, Adjustable length from 85cm to 140cm (33"-55").

Dirty? Machine washable and lie flat to dry.

XS sets come with a Small (16mm wide) leash and all other size sets come with a M/L leash (20mm wide).


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