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Dog Collar, Bow tie and Leash Set : Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple Dog Collar, Bow tie and Leash Set. 
Everything is so tailored, so specific, so dapper. Right down to the hand sewn bow tie.
She’s not pretty, but beautiful. Suggests with her nose. Leads with her eyes.  Loves without thought.
Nothing she wears lacks a sophisticated sprinkle, including her collar and leash. 


The Bow Tie, Collar and Leash are handmade with 100% cotton. Velcro enables you to easily attach or remove the bow tie.

Dirty? Hand wash and lie flat to dry.

Leash made with 100% cotton backed with strong webbing, Heavy duty metal snap hook, Handle has lockable buckle for easy loop around poles,  Adjustable length from 85cm to 140cm (33"-55").






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