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Dog Jacket Water-repellent : Hot Pink

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Dog jackets come in many styles. All weather. Active. Winter warm. Designer. Large. Small. Waterproof. Knitted.

And by many names. Jacket. Jumper. Clothes. Coat. Sweater.

But from Hobart to Sydney, you need a dog jacket that’s a fit in any climate.  One that says, “My dog stays warm, and looks distinguished.”

It is called a Dharf dog jacket.   

Hot Pink Dharf Dog Jacket.

  • Made with 100% water-repellent cotton.
  • Fully lined with Sherpa-fleeced for warmth.
  • Integrated dog harness with D-ring under jacket collar.
  • Double adjustable clip attachment system for perfect fit
  • Flip up collar on the jacket for more coverage on rainy days 
  • Straps lined with ultra soft webbing 

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