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Dog Jacket and Lead Set : Red stripes


8 pm. Small café restaurant off the main strip. 

June breeze prods aroma around candlelit patio

Accents overheard: Greek, French, Canadian, Spanish and Italian.

A dog sits elegantly in the middle of the pack. Not slender. Not young. Not famed. Captivating. Unforgettable. Something about it dawdles. I look again.

He’s not wearing the ordinary.

It’s a dog jacket with oomph; tantalising red stripes. A lead with presense, a gorgeous effect.

  • Made with 100% heavy weight cotton.
  • Fully lined with Sherpa-fleeced for warmth.
  • Integrated dog harness with D-ring under jacket collar.
  • Double adjustable clip attachment system for perfect fit
  • Flip up collar on the jacket for more coverage on rainy days 
  • Shoulder and belly straps lined with ultra soft webbing 
  • Machine washable ( jacket & lead ) 
  • Dog leash with buckle in handle for an easy loop around chairs, tables and poles
  • Adjustable dog leash from 85cm to140cm 


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