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About Us

At Dharf we design what we love, for who we love. Our trendsetting designs celebrate the smart and quirky personalities of our customers and their four legged friends that are sure to spur curiosity and admiration from passers-by. Our innovative approach to our designs integrate style with comfort and practicality.More →

There’s something for every cool cat or dog at Dharf, whether it be a collar, harness, leash, bowtie, bandana, jackets, coats - we have it all! Unique, stylish, quality products with the wow factor - your pet is sure to start turning heads in the street.

Our passionate team are committed to constantly surprising our customers by re-imagining new ways to bring playfulness and personal flair to everything we do from design, manufacturing, merchandising through retailing to engaging with our community of Dharf lovers. We can't wait to have you on board!

Our Designer 

IsabelleIsabelle is the French Canadian designer, entrepreneur and founder of Dharf. During the early days of Dharf development Isabelle balanced creative side-projects with her full time marketing job. Making, gluing, drawing, painting, decorating, baking, styling, sewing and colouring had always been her ‘thing’ but regretted never dedicating enough time to it. But in 2012, Isabelle decided it was time to embrace her creative side, taking the plunge to leave her marketing position and embark on the Dharf adventure.